Strong, reliable and always looking out for you. Brewed with a variety of malts to create a special blend of roasted flavors. Hop flavors are subtle, but present enough to provide proper porter refreshment.

HOPS: Zeus

MALTS: Pilsner Premium, Munich 1, Cara Munich 1, Cara Munich 2, Copos Trigo, Carafa

AROMA: CoFFee, tobacco, roasted malt

COLOR: Dark brown

FLAVOR: Roasted malts, cocoa, pine, smooth

This robust American Porter is brewed with 6 dierent grains that give rich aroma and flavor, complemented by a rounded body and mouthfeel with subtle hop character of pine and spice.

FOOD PAIRING: Asiago, Brie, Colby, Gloucester, roasted and smoked food, barbecue, red meat, sausage, chili, stew.